Thursday, April 13, 2017

Animated Gif

For this assignment I did a animated gif of me pushing my glasses up. I thought this was confusing at first but I thought it turned out cool

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Panoramic Assignment

For this assignment I took about 10-11 pictures in a row. Next I used a blue background. Then the hardest part was alining the pictures into one panoramic photo.

Retouching Assignment

For this assignment I just looked up a random lady and then I used the same skin color to color over her face.

Magazine Cover

For the Magazine Cover I used a baby magazine cover then photoshopped my face on.

Movie Poster

For this assignment I used the movie poster from Rogue One. First I took a picture then erased the background leaving my face then placing it on the poster

Photo Collage

For the Photo Collage I first took a bunch of pictures using a filter thing. Then I used a blue background then added the photos on to. After I added the photos I added a few words and then two pictures I got from online.

Classical "Painted" Portrait

For this assignment I used a picture I took, then used the filter gallery to make it look like a painting. And I also thought this assignment was very cool and very simple.