Monday, November 7, 2016

Kaleidoscope Assignment

For my kaleidoscope I choose a star looking page. I thought the middle sort of resembles a sun and the rest is the sky or something like that. I wasn't really sure what colors I should use but I eventually thought of them.

Wheres Waldo Assignment

For the wheres Waldo assignment I gathered a bunch of things I like or like to do then added me as Waldo. I think the hardest part of this assignment was erasing most of the pictures. But everything else was ok. Can you find me?

Albrecht Durer Assignment

For this assignment I choose my favorite animal a monkey. I thought it looked like it was drawn with a pencil. It was also quite easy to make.

Celebrity Coloring Book Page

I  choose Grant Gustin from The Flash. I choose him because he's my favorite character from The Flash. All I did was trace his face and body. I thought it was super easy and fast.