Thursday, January 26, 2017

Digital Post-Landscape

This assignment took awhile to make but I finished it. I used the multi dot tool thing. then I copied the color of the original photo then I used the dot tool to color it.

Digital Painting

I used Art Rage for my painting. All I used was  different shades of blue my favorite color. Then I blended them all.

New Logo

I used the show logo Puma as a new logo. I first imported this picture in Art Rage then I used the blending tool the blend the letters and the puma. So now it has a faded look sort of.


I used informal balance in this painting. I used the snowflake and rose stencil. I colored to roses in the corner with part of the snowflake in the corner withe the full snowflake in the middle.


This assignment was really easy and fast. I used the snowflake stencils and I colored them in a rainbow pattern. And in the background I used a different kinds of blue. Then I blended them


I used the color red green and blue then I blended them all in different ways.

Celebrity With Animal Name

For this assignment I used one of the judges from Americas Got Talent, Simon Cowell. And the animal I used was a cow. I first cut out Simon cow ell then i used the cows nose and ears to blend with his face

Friday, January 20, 2017

30 Day Photo Challenge 1

Day 1: Self Portrait

Day 2: What You Wore Today

Day 3: Clouds

Day 4: Something Green

Day 5: Morning Sky

Day 7: Fruit

Day 9: Someone You Love

Day 10: Childhood Memory

Day 11: Something Blue

Day 12: Sunset

Day 13: Yourself With 13 Things

Day 14: Eyes

Day 15: Silhouette

Day 16: Long Exposure

Day 17: Technology

Day 18: Your Shoes

Day 19: Something Orange

Day 20: Bokeh

Day 21: Faceless Self Portrait

Day 22: Hands

Day 23: Sunflare

Day 24: Animal

Day 25:

Day 26: Close Up

Day 27: From a Distance

Day 28: Flowers

Day 30: Self Portriat